About Us

It's a Miracle Budgeting was founded by Brandy Miracle.

Brandy desired financial freedom for not only herself but her family as well. Although she had always paid her bills she was horrible about spending everything- never had a decent savings to speak of. That all changed in Fall 2020 when she discovered cash stuffing videos on Youtube. 

Brandy had been doing the budget by paycheck method in some fashion for her entire adult life and had tried the "Dave Ramsey thing" she had never really considered modifying the systems to fit what was best for her lifestyle or family's needs...  so needless to say the attempts failed. Through the Youtube budgeting community she was able to see all the different versions or methods everyone was doing that worked best for them- she then was able to write her own budgeting lifestyle that worked for her situation as well as her family.

Brandy is not a first time small business owner, she owned a natural parenting store and was a practicing doula for over five years.  As her children grew (and outgrew diapers/nursing), also as her husband and she were were done having any more children the business was not as pleasurable to operate so she did sell the business to multiple owners and return to the insurance industry.

Having a business, being an entrepreneur- owning something that you built with your own hands is something in her blood- in the years since she returned to the workforce she had been looking to find something  that she could create and run that would fulfill that need inside of her but also help others.

That is how this site and its origin was formed with that goal/intent.

Brandy lives with her husband and three of their sons, they also have three other adult children (two sons and one daughter- who also has blessed the family with three grandsons) as well. She is an avid reader, sometimes artist (for pleasure not skill she will say if you ask her), and music obsessor.

In her professional life, Brandy is a licensed Insurance agent working in the commercial insurance field. Finance has been part of her professional life her entire adult life so this website was somewhat of a culmination of her personal and professional experiences.