This is not an all inclusive list of frequently asked questions and will grow as more questions are received.

1. What do the binder sizes mean, how do I know which would be right for me?

We offer three sizes currently- with a fourth coming soon. The measurements of these sizes are typically around:

A5 5 7/8"x 8 1/4"

A6 4 1/8" x 5 7/8"

A7 2 15/16" x 4 1/8"

These can have some variance from binder to binder, manufacturer to manufacturer so if you would like a specific binder or binder rings measured please email prior to purchase.

2. Which size is best for what? (Note- these are just explanations/options- each decision is your personal decision for your own situation.)

A5- this is a personal preference, but I find this size is great for savings goals that are going to have a bigger stash of cash- such as $1, $5 savings challenges, home binders and more. They are roughly a half a sheet of computer paper so they can be bulky but for larger funds its convenient. Most people don't allow regular funds to go above 1k so this is something personal for you to decide. Also, some say this size the cash is easier to get in an out.

A6- This is just a bit taller than the bills themselves so they are trim, easy to use and fit the money perfect. The only negative is once they get full it can make removing/inserting money a bit of a hassle. However, again most cash budgeters don't let anyone envelope/category get over 1k so it is not a huge issue. This size is probably the most common in the community. Please note this size can be sometimes referred to as personal size-however technically personal and A7 are not the exact same size- there is a slight difference which is found in the measurement between the two most inner rings. Due to MFG differences in naming, measurements etc we strongly recommend you asking for measurements prior to purchasing if you are matching current stock of envelopes etc.

A7- this is often referred to as pocket sized- This size is most often used for cash envelopes (on the go) vs sinking funds, you have to fold the money in half in order to use it- and it can be a tight fight. However, this fits in a purse/handbag or similar much easier.

3. What do you recommend for newbies?

Don't go overboard- you don't have to have everything thing day one- pick a size that sounds good to you- then order 6 or so envelopes. Try this out make sure the size works for you, the system works, the labels work- then order more and add to it. I tend to want to go overboard wanting everything I would need for years day one- but often my system changes and grows then things get wasted- save your coin and add to your system little by little.

4. How long does it take for my order to ship?

We, as a business, ship twice a week typically mid-week and on Saturday- in the case of personalized products please allow 10-14 days for shipping. If there are no personalized items the order would ship on our next shipping day (Typically Wednesday and Saturday).

Please note: Shipping can be delayed to up to 21 days during special times- such as grand opening sale, anniversary sales, Black Friday/Cyber Monday and more! Please be patient but also feel free to email us for a status at any point you need more information.

5. What is your return policy?

We do not accept returns for for any handmade items unless there is a defect or similar. Made by hand does mean that not everything can be perfect/identical but we do our best to give you the highest possible quality. However, for dissatisfaction with the order due to quality issue with binder or other non-personalized items, etc -please contact customer service we will do our best to do what is necessary to rectify the situation up to and including return/full refund when applicable.

Please note- shipping to you nor shipping to us is never refunded, that is the cost of the buyer. Exception to this rule re: shipping fees is when the buyer earns free shipping to due to order total or coupon code.

All personalized/hand made items (vinyl labels and more) are always final sale.

6. Vinyl

We do not in general stock plain colors of vinyl, we only use glitter, holo and rainbow holo vinyl. These are considerably more expensive than traditional matte vinyl. We do have to charge accordingly. We will do our best to accommodate special requests for plain vinyl if you truly prefer it... we love the fancy ones ...


Questions? Need Clarification on anything?

Email us we are always happy to help!