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Budget Binder Front Label (PRICE PER WORD)

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Please Read BEFORE PURCHASING - this listing is per word or graphic, for “High Priority” you would purchase 2 items, for “High Priority” plus a symbol/graphic would purchase 3.

if you check out with one but have more than one word it will be refunded AND NOT fulfilled. 

Please READ: If you are shopping from Instagram or Facebook the options for customized vinyl do not pop up correctly- please contact me or make a note in your order for your customizations. Thank you!

This listing is for a fully customizable vinyl label for the cover of your budget binder (this can be purchased from me or just for one you already have).

Please note-a6 have limited space but a5 can fit a lot. I prefer for my budget binders a6 despite this.

Please also detail below which direction you would like to have your label go- the best way to do this is to say “applied in similar direct as the Business binder below”

I will then reach out for your customized label to confirm all details.

Any questions please feel free to email us!